Timeline loop active = override 'on Stop rwnd to last position'

Was stoked to see the 'on Stop rwnd to last position' added a while back, good stuff @mathieugarcia :)

An option in settings for 'loop playback = override stop behavior' would be great for workflow.

So if I select pattern/s and use 'set loop' button in bottom right of timeline view, and then I activate loop in the transport.. the cursor/playback automatically starts from the start of the loop ;) Then defaults back if I deactivate loop in transport.


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  • Shouldnt be automatic loop no, if you have a repeated pattern you may want to hear it in context, say over a 32 bar vocal or such, so option yes, auto no.

    Think the loop button is bottom right (may be remebering wrong) hit that and it loops the selection.

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    I don't understand at all what this thread is requesting but I think I'm catching on.

    When it comes to automatic looping needs much of this depends on what an individual is trying to achieve. The way BM3 loops on timeline and how it functions in scene mode seems great for production and I like it.

    I only have problems on the performance side of things. To make performance work for me seems to require constant reevaluation of how I'm going to move about the screens in BeatMaker and get everything triggered when and where I want.

    So is the request here is to set a loop while the transport is playing and allow it to continue looping if you press stop and/or pickup from loop point when pressing play/rec then I would +1 this as a settings behavior.

    Right now for me I just want to set loops with transport forward/back and for stop behavior to work with external controllers.

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