Solo pad without soloing bank

I'm sure this used to be possible? Maybe I'm tripping though?? Was/Is it possible? Can't see it as a behaviour option in settings.

Would be another good thing for a 'shift' button...

Shift + pad (in mute mode) = solo only pad/s, not bank.


  • Solo path is through the bank as a bus, so it will always solo the bank output too.

    Do you want to be able to solo a sound just inside a bank, like a snare in a kit, but all other banks keep their audio ?

    Thats never been available but a great idea ;)

  • Yeah, I just wanna solo pad/s within a kit without killing other banks' audio.

    Bit baffled how I haven't tried to do this before and only now realising it isn't possible! I'm sure I did it before!?!? Haha

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    You can solo individual pads in the mixer when you show pads for a bank, and this auto toggles solo for that bank. You can’t then unsolo the bank and just hear the one solo’d pad along with all other banks. You can also solo a pad in performance view and then go to song view to unsolo the bank, keeping the one pad solod in the bank but allowing you to hear the other banks as well. Oh, and you can also unsolo the auto-solo’d bank by tapping the bank tab while the solo button is active in the performance view. Just tested. Only inconvenience is that soloing a pad auto solos the whole bank, so you have to tap the bank to unsolo it, but this doesn’t happen if you use the mute button to mute pads.

  • Thanks for info @ronji

    Weird that you can't solo pads within a bank during performace/recording automation. I always thought the idea of the pads was to give the vibe of 'bank = a drum machine/groovebox/instrument'. Or a bunch of separate instruments if AU on each pad etc. And different banks = different boxes/instruments playing together.

    In hardware setup it's pretty standard to solo sounds within separate boxes without soloing the box itself. Like mess with a drum machine arrangement while everything else is playing. Or even if you think about using something like Geist inside a daw. When I solo pad/s in geist it would be ridiculous if that would solo the Geist daw track ;) Doesn't make sense..

    Shame it's like this in BM3. Pretty limiting for performance and recording automated solos in to sequencer..

    Figured out why this never occurred to me before. Was mainly working inside one bank in past. But branching out a lot more now since digging in to rozetta...

  • Yeah, there needs to be either a setting or the default behavior changed. I wouldn’t think that in normal circumstances soloing a pad should solo the whole bank, but I don’t know if anyone has become accustomed to the current behavior or not. So at the least, “solo pad - solo bank? y / n” should be added to settings.

    That said, pad and bank solo are both separate things you can automate on the track, and I just tried setting a pad’s solo on at the same point in the track as setting the bank solo as off, and it works the way you’re hoping.

  • Did some tests. Automate a bank solo off at the end of the track (after the programmed patterns) and it stops the bank from being solod when you solo a pad! :joy: I had set bank solo off on the start of bars 1, 2, 3 and 4 in track automation, and during bars 1-3 I could solo the pad on and off in the pad performance screen multiple times without soloing the bank, but soloing a pad during bar 4 would solo the bank. Turns out it’s due to the existence of the bank solo off being after the current bar. This was with one bar patterns, so I don’t know if this behavior changes depending on the grid view or pattern length or what.

  • If you dont solo the bank and you are using the bank as a group/bus with effects, you would lose the bus effects, thats what i tried to explain earlier and wasnt very clear, sorry.

  • I can't 'un-see' this problem now :( Major performace + automation recording hindrance for me whenever I'm using more than one bank. Possibly even a total dealbreaker and enough for me to have to bail on BM3 altogether. Or just never use more than one bank. Which has its own drawbacks. Sounds like I'm being a dick but this one's a biggie....

    Need an option where 'solo' on pad/s basically does the same under the hood as currently if I used mute on a bunch of pads to solo other pad/s. Which obviously works as a workaround but often totally impossible to do in real time and crazy tedious on a bank with a lot of pads.

    Shift button + pad is a pretty obvious choice. Or another button under 'mute'. Or an option button along bottom of screen when in mute mode....Anythiiiiing ;)

    Also, can I even actually record automated pad solos/mutes from pads view? Doesn't seem so from quick test.... Mmm. Was sure this was possible?

    Hope this stuff is relatively easy to throw in @mathieugarcia :)

  • Yeah if there were two solo buttons, one for solo pad AND bank, one for solo but NOT bank. another idea would a solo behaviour setting. Personally i would prefer the versatility of two solo buttons

  • Yeah need both options as buttons on screen, not in settings. Hope this one can get worked out..

  • Definitely agree that this needs to be fixed. That said, is this not a useable workaround in the meanwhile? Automate bank solo off at the end of the track, then the bank will not auto solo on pad solo. I added some effects on the banks as well as in AUX sends to demonstrate the results.

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    So when the bank isnt solo but the pad in the bank is solo, the bank effects still work ?
    In that case the entire system is screwed !!!

    (Sorry no time at moment to watch vid)

  • Bit of a mess really :( Seeing as the desired result can be achieved by multiple mutes then it seems like there's no mechanical reason why a less ridiculous pad solo functionality couldn't be added as an option. I can't use more than one bank in a session because of this current weirdness with solos :( hope it can get sorted..

  • @Heyez did you watch the video by chance? If multiple mutes would produce the desired result, then I would think the workaround in the video would also work, and it should also keep working after a real fix is added in an update. Or maybe I’m still missing something?

  • Thanks @ronji haven't actually tried the workaround yet. Will do :) Shouldn't need convoluted stuff like this for basic things like being able to 'solo kick on a drum bank without muting all other banks'.. Very weird/frustrating :(

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