Independent Repeats Per Bank / Repeats Redesign

The repeats are losing their shine to me, especially since they've now been disabled when you momentarily select and they do not retrigger. They also are global regardless of bank causing a repeat nightmare for performance. In my opinion, they are now stuck in a "production use" only mode and lacking for performance.

Example scenarios:
1. Any instance of a plugin being sequenced while the play head is running will trigger a repeat if you turn them on. (Anything triggering midi)

  1. I have a loop I'd like to keep at 1/4 bar in X bank for a certain amount of time, because the 1/4 bar is set, the rest of BM3 is only playable as repeaters.

  2. We can no longer switch pads (instruments) with select and close a repeat out (think a fill) at the same time. Kills switching instruments with the keys/select combo.

Also, Why did repeats get disabled with select mode in 3.09? I'm assuming cut/copy/paste pads in performance view? We need a choice here I think in settings for this. It just gets cut. No retrigger, just turns off. Just a mess.

If we had independent repeats per bank and had a setting to disable repeats for plugins we could then perform with IAAs/AUs and move about banks without any worry. And we need a settings option to restore repeats behavior while using select regardless if it would cause a crash with the new cut copy paste pads feature in performance view. I'm obviously not going to be cutting and copying pads while performing. So what difference does it make if the audio engine stutters or the app crashes?

I'd like to know what others think about the current repeaters behavior. Who wants repeat options? What do you think about this @mathieugarcia ?

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