BUG: Duplicate macro assignments on single effects parameters (CONFIRMED)

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When assigning parameters of a single effect to separate macro controls, independent macros context menu shows a duplicate of the single parameter that was assigned to that macro. It begins to get worse as other assignments are made to the specific macros. I am uncertain if this happens with separate effects. If someone could confirm either or both that would be awesome! Let’s knock em dead.

Steps to reproduce:
Assign paramater 1 of X Effect to Macro 1-16
Assign paramater 2 of X Effect to a different Macro other than the first assignment.
View a macros context menu
Duplicate of same paramater shows for each Macro
Deleting any of the duplicates deletes the entire assignment.




  • Confirmed, except it will keep going up and it doesn’t matter if you assign each macro to different fx on the bank. Additionally, the superficial duplicates disappear when closing and reopening BM3 =)

    Here’s a video that shows it in action across 3 macros for the same fx in the same bank. I hadn’t yet tried testing with separate fx or closing and reopening when I recorded this.

  • @ronji thanks for the video. I hadn’t tried closing BM3 as I usually leave it open all the time. Unless I’m on battery. And I couldn’t think of the right word. Superficial. Thanks for that too! :smiley:

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    Nice one, thanks for the detailed report once again!
    EDIT: Fixed.

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