Missing Files after updating from BM3 3.0.9 to 3.0.10

IOS 10.3.1

I updated, loaded one of my sessions only to find out that sounds that i had made internally are not loading or missing.
Searching Whole Directory OR Searching from Sessions/Bank Directory does not return/find samples


  • Oh no. =( In the first screen shot, I can’t tell if that’s pointing to the Sessoins directory or the Unsaved Sessions directory. Have you by chanced looked in the Unsaved Sessions\Session October 20 2017\samples folder?

  • Its not there, Im guessing the're gone

  • @dsorce said:
    Its not there, Im guessing the're gone

    :( so sorry man. Last thing you could check is iOS iCloud or PC backup. If you were on iOS 11 I’d say check recently deleted in the FILES app. For future sake and may help you later on, First thing I always do when starting a session is save as. That way recordings/samples are self contained and not in unsaved/autosaved sessions. I do hope you find your samples. Best of luck!

  • Save as Good idea

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