Ableton Link drift on iPad Pro 10.5

I'm having a problem with Ableton Link drifting out of time on my iPad Pro 10.5" anyone else having this problem? It's quite significant and means BM3 is just gathering dust which is a shame as I'd like it to be my main DAW. I don't have any sync issues on my iPad 4!

My tests:
Buffers tested 1024 & 256 - results the same

iPad 4
BM3 + Patterning + iMaschine -- internal sync lock - Rock solid on all 3

iPad Pro **
BM3 + Patterning + iMaschine -- internal sync lock - Patterning + iMaschine Solid - BM3 **Bad
(BM3 drifts ahead around 1 beat over 240 bars!)

iPad Pro Ableton linked to iPad 4
Patterning + iMaschine stay in sync on both iPads
BM3 drifts as above.

If you pause BM3 then restart, the error remains, however, if you stop and start BM3 it resets itself and is in time for a while but drifts again.

(By my calculations 1 beat @ 120 BPM is 500ms so 240 bars x 4 beats is 480 seconds or 8 mins for one beat's drift!)

My conclusion is that BM3 is never really in sync on my iPad Pro as it drifts as soon as you start it.

Be great if other people could do an internal test on an iPad Pro 10.5" and post the results here as it's driving me nuts....


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