Sound trouble!!

after only using two banks I am having sound issues with BM3. Anyone else run into this?

It's distorting/staticky. iPodmini 2


  • I think the first problem is that you're running BM3 on an iPod Mini 2. How'd you even manage that?? :joy: Ok, but seriously, you obviously meant iPad Mini 2. I'm wondering if it's due to the system resources, as it's an older and lower powered model. What are in your banks? Any effects? What does the CPU meter look like when playing (in settings)?

  • To be fair, i could get any iPad ever made to blow up using one bank, like @ronji says, whats in the banks ?

  • Just the presets "Ashes pack" Street punch Kit". If I try to add another, I'm toast.

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    OK street punch kit has nine (yes you read that right) effects on the bus, and two of those (yes two) are reverbs (yes I did say two) hahahaha.
    I am not getting in to commentary on the banks shipped by Intua because I don’t use them, but I suspect that your iPad can’t handle a huge amount of effects like that (even ashes kit has five effects on the bus)

  • Good call, @5pinlink. @ThinkStrong try disabling or removing all of the effects and see if that helps the issue.

  • Let me try that. Thank you for the suggestion. Will get back to you shortly.

  • Im full steam ahead. Thank you.

  • Some of the built-in and sound pack banks definitely go a bit over the top with their FX chains. They also have tons of dormant FX bound to macros for easy filter sweeps etc (which I usually turn off to save CPU)

    Using BM3 on an iPad mini 2 is just fine as long as you don't overdo it with tons of AUv3s and fx. I manage to get by and make music just fine on my iPad Air 1.

  • Good to know. Thank you

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