iPhone Trip-Hop: "Jazer Infinitie"

edited January 2009 in BeatMakers Showcase
Song composed on iPhone Beatmaker with stock jazz "smooth" kit. Imported that into Reaper as a WAV file. Used iPhone Noise.io to "improvise" "live" over this two times with different sounds. The Noise.io tracks were then heavily compressed, EQd, and reverbed, and one panned left, the other right.

New Genre, iPhone as instrument?
First of all, the tune would not exist without Intua Beatmaker and their kit. Composing a new item from the kit is the first instance of iPhone as instrument, hum?
Then, plugging iPhone headphone out into the PC line-In, routed that into the DAW [reaper.fm], I sat in a chair and "improvised" some parts over the beatmaker tune, recording them "live" from the iPhone into the DAW, using Noise.io as the "instrument". Hum?
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