Fx preset

Really in to the fac chorus atm. Killer for 80s/ambient with zeeon :)

Couple of settings I'd like to save as presets in BM3. Can find the 'save preset' function. So I've gone to fac chorus and hit that 'save preset'.... But how do I load it in another instance of fac chorus? Cant find menu option. Am I being blind/stupid/both?


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  • @triton100 said:
    Once you’ve saved the preset in fac, open a new fac and your saved user presets are at the end of the scroll

    Cheers. Couldn't see any new preset in fac after I did this earlier (and didn't get opportunity to name the preset etc.. Guess that needs to be done after?) but will look again. Some reason I thought that 'save preset' would be a BM3 thing, a list of saved presets in bm3, not saved in fac itself.

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