Beatmaker midi port not visible in Midi input for Banks

I'm pretty sure it used to be selectable as an input source in midi input for a Bank.

You can turn on the Beatmaker port in settings and send to it from other apps but I can't see or select it for the midi source.


  • There is no loopback, it used to be visible but did not work anyway, the visibility was removed (it was a bug)

  • But It's still visible from other apps to send midi to. Just makes it more confusing unless they make the Beatmaker midi port disappear completely. A shame they didn't just fix it. :)

  • If Beatmaker could access its own MIDI port, that would be MIDI loopback which it does not support, this is OS level driver coding normally, and i dont think coding drivers is even allowed on IOS ??

  • Ok I can connect with Beatmakers virtual midi port if I select "all" as the input source. But The BM3 midi input port should still be visible from the menu so I can just isolate that source.

    Beatmaker 3 still has a midi input port. It was the output port which wasn't working and that one has gone if you look at the midi input and output devices. The output port was less useful so I don't mind that one has gone.

    Say I send midi from within AUM to Beatmaker 3. I can send midi to the Beatmaker virtual input port as AUM can see it. But now I can't select this midi source from the Bank midi source selection. I used to be able to do this. now in order to select this midi source I have to select "ALL" which means it will pick up other midi too which is not always what you want.

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