Requesting reference info to internal CC parameter reservations (SOLVED)

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@mathieugarcia Can we get some information as to what these are reserved for internally in BM3? I’m assuming focus actions. But I don’t want to post any issues that I come across if this is not meant to be messed with. Almost all these cause app crashes in different ways.


  • They aren't reserved, that is just their normal assignment in the MIDI CC spec, it is just a naming convention ;)

  • @5pinlink said:
    Here ya go, its a standard list

    Awesome thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t know my MIDI here. That’s embarrassing. Totally love that I just learned this! Does anyone know if these can automate external controllers. I can automate the Sustain dampener pedal which is pretty cool.

  • External internal shouldn't matter, if it doesn't send MIDI externally its another CC bug.

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    In this video, see midi cc being sent out to Addictive Pro stand-alone. This should mean that external hardware works too right? Please test for yourself as I don’t own any external hardware. Please excuse the stuck midi notes I briefly attempt to stop, and take note of the importance of changing the grid setting if you draw the midi cc. Also in this video: auto scrolling long text bug :joy:

  • @ronji I will be testing this again tonight. If this is working for you then I should be able to get this working for my external controller in BM3. If it works this should also allow me to create empty layers for my fast knobs in my template and allow independent tuning of each without using 4 macros. That is if existing layers can inherit modulations. I'm not sure if they can though. I hope so.

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    @ronji just wanted to bump this up because I thought it was important for any users. The modulations midi learn option is fully working on my MPKmini mk2 for all sample based work. Freeing up macros completely and without focus actions. EDIT: I Cant count today Allows 40 modulations through program changes and 10 simultaneously. I am only counting midi CCs with multiple values here (encoders) unsure about sustain pedal output. I'd have to test a midi expression pedal.

    Testing APC40 next. If it works i have 52+ modulations Edit: I mean 90. I seriously can't count today available all at once across all channels simultaneously. 91 if infinite encoders worked. Nuts. Edit again: 93. Forgot the footswitches. Lol.

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