Need solution for midi/pattern import (UNSOLVED)

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So I am aware we don’t have midi export in Beatmaker 3. I don’t want to export it for use elsewhere. I actually want to dump a patterns midi as a midi file back into BM3. If Beatmaker 3 can be an input device, is there a plugin that can capture the input coming from BM3 so I can export there and then import back into BM3?


  • Why not save a bank with patterns ?

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    @5pinlink said:
    Why not save a bank with patterns ?

    I do that often as an individual. The problem is in sharing grooves between friends/users using BM3. We have to coordinate each save of a bank and copy/paste the patterns. I’m trying to get that pattern data out and back in to BM3’s midi imports folder or personal directory as a draggable .mid .This is a different thing entirely I guess. I’m trying to create a shared interactive experience. Think ableton grooves or dummy midi clips that are shareable within a working session. If pads are a preset, My friends can use my template and build interesting patterns that I or others can try with their own sounds or plugin sequencers.

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    I’m entirely working in BM3 so getting the midi file out isn’t going to sound right at all anywhere else. Only in BM3 because of the way it works. I’d be even fine with saving patterns with their own file type, like CoolBeat.bm3p similar to how projects or banks are saved.

  • When i ship MIDI files with banks for BM3, I just create the pattern in Maschine and export it as MIDI, sorry cant be anymore help.

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