Pad bypass bank fx

Brain not working tonight. Is there a way for me to have a pad not be affected by bank fx?i have Filterstation2 on a drumkit bank but don't want a cymbal pad to pass through it.

Feel like only options are maybe to have the cymbal on a separate bank by itself or have a duplicate instance of Filterstation 2 on all the other pads.. but would be good to avoid those if theres a ninja workaround anyone knows?


  • I don’t think there’s a bank fx bypass option for pads in the bank. Trying to think of other options. Of course you can have a separate bank for the one pad, or other pads you don’t want affected by the other bank’s fx, which might be the easiest option. You could use sends and aux tracks somehow. You could send all pads to an aux with filterstation on it but don’t send the one pad. You could use pre-fader sends to turn down the pad on the bank but turn up the send to an aux track.

  • Another reason we need buses.

  • OK, thanks peops. Will work round it.

  • The pre fade send is the one.
    I was just trying to work out in my skull cap if there was anyway to fake a bus using record source and monitor on, but im not at the pad to test unfortunately.

  • A pad can be sent directly to Speaker 1+2 thus bypassing the 'Bank' that the pad is in.

    In the mixer select 'Show Pads', Tap I/O and on the pad you want to 'by pass' the Bank FX on select Speaker 1+2 as the output.

  • But that bypasses the render doesn't it ?

  • While you do see the master out meters registering when a pad is set to output speaker 1+2, and even though the bank's output is also speaker 1+2 by default, when rendering the master output the pad will not be heard. Just tested.

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