A looped section in Song mode : some pads on the first beat don’t play again...

I noticed that since the beginning and I never understood why : I set a loop in Song mode, and some sample placed on the first beat are not played again during the second passage, and stay silent. I never found a common denominator to the samples which behaves like that. They may be short or as long as the loop, it’s not a question of Triggering setup (a sample set to “loop forward” may stay silent after one passage). For example, a note held during the whole loop to play an arpeg from a plugin, then the arpeg won’t play again after the first passage. If I want to hear the arpeg looped I’ve got to use the scene mode and create a pattern for it, not very practical... In Song mode this problem happens all the time. I think a loop should behave the same whether in Song mode or Scene mode.


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