POTENTIAL BUGS: BM3 Idling and Battery State (UNCONFIRMED)

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Not sure if some of these are directly related to iOS or Beatmaker 3. Maybe it's both. Some of these are intermittent as well. reproduction is somewhat difficult being battery/long idle. So I just wanted to let everyone know a few experiences you may come across.

  1. When battery percentage notification window pops up, BM3 loses undo/redo history and is reset.

  2. Idling BM3 for extended lengths may cause unwanted behavior such as a project losing it's save location reference and acting as an unsaved/autosaved session without you knowing.

  3. A rather large drag and drop paper may cover BM3 with no way to remove it unless you force close BM3.

  4. Sometimes after idles, BM3 loses it's active memory state and reloads as if you were never working on a project. I do not know if all other iOS apps do this, but be sure to save work often!


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    Moved to bugs, this isnt the first time they are reported ;)

  • @5pinlink said:
    Moved to bugs, this isnt the first time they are reported ;)

    Appreciate it. I wasn't sure if they were reported. I apologize for creating a duplicate.

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    Nah all good dude, these dont have their own thread yet, so perfect.

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