ChordPolyPad, Chordion, or Navichord not working with AU synths ... šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

How do I get an IAA midi controller to work with AU synths. I can get the IAA midi controllers speaking with other IAA synths,
but this does not let me record midi notes, not sure why that is either. I am still relative new to signal flow, so maybe I am just being dumb. What am I doing wrong?

iPad mini 3 with newest iOS:

I set the midi out in the first bank with the controller to a specific port and a single channel.
Then I left the midi in off on the same bank
I then set the midi in of the next bank with an AU loaded to the same port and channel
Then I left the midi in off in this bank
The midi settings on the instrument load page of the sampler view is left to use bank settings
I then load the IAA controller from the keyboard view and get no sound
I tried loading it from outside the app too but still no sound


  • I only have chordeon, and I canā€™t get it to work either. Mind you, Iā€™m quiet hopeless when it comes to midi...

  • Meh, I have spent a lot of time putting a few chord sets together and it looks a little hopeless right now, I am sure there is someone who knows something though.

  • There is no audio on this because i used the built in video capture, but you will see it works fine.

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    @5pinlink Thank you, that works! Forgot to enable chordeon in midi devices :/

  • Should have tried this before, so much fun, thanks again! :)

  • I would give you a big kiss if it was not inappropriate and a little creepy! Thanks buddy!

  • Just tried the above setup with Chordion, but can't get it work. Anyone have any tips on how to use Chordion as midi input for BM3?

  • @huphtur are you specifically trying to load Chordion into a bank and then send that midi to another bank like in the video? Or are you just trying to be able to control a bank in B3 while tapping on Chordion's interface? Because the latter is easy as opening both apps, setting Chordion to midi mode, and turning on the Chordion virtual out in the B3 midi page. Either use with omni on or configure your bank's midi input to Chordion virtual out.

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    @ronji The latter. And ah crap, in Chordion I had it set to "BeatMaker 3" instead of "Chordion Virtual Out". Works now! :*

  • =D
    fwiw I could absolutely not replicate what 5pin did in that video, not with navichord or chordion with poison or a regular sample bank.

  • @5pinlink said:
    Really ?

    Well, yes and no... I wasn't able to get it to work last night, but this morning I just decided to reboot my ipad and try again, and I've just got it to work haha. I had to turn omni mode off, but also it seems that C3 won't send from bank A to bank B, for some reason.

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