Surprised how useful this is for a freebie. Quite a lot of mileage in the included patches + tweaks + onboard fx. Spent hour on it and dialled in some keepers (free version still allows user presets). Shame the fx params aren't automatable but if anyone's bored there are some decent sounds to be had here for $0.


  • Just dont give them money then expect support, horrible company, horrible horrible support policies.

  • Never dealt with them in past.. Doesn't sound good! The free version has plenty to mess with so all good ;)

  • edited January 2018

    Yeah they had that whole refusing to let customers re-download their products thing, then followed by the hiring people to spam forums, then refusing to follow the law in resales, it was just silliness after silliness, it damaged them quite a bit so they calmed down a lot, but they are still a-holes to customers on a regular basis, if you have a support issue they spiel the read from a sheet BS, then just ignore you entirely.

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