Slice loops?

So I've got this idea to use BM3 as a remix tool. I've loaded a track into the bank and I've set slices to work as cue points. The only difficulty I'm having is figuring out how to get the beats to line up.

Question/feature request is this:

The audio editor has different modes, zero, off, and grid. I want to slice using zero but when I set a start point I want to set the duration of the slice in measures from that start point (e.g. eight bars) but I can't really do that because grid mode is set to the track start (which might not line up with the grid). The duration info isn't helpful either as it provides the duration of the entire track and not the individual slice.

Can anyone advise? I'm not especially keen on making my slices and then trimming them as I want to have the flexibility to move the slice starts around as I find the right "cue points" so to speak.

I'll probably figure something out but any explanation would be much appreciated.


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    I’ve used BM3 to remix a couple tracks and I’m on my next one now. Previously I had used slice mode and spread out the slices to pads to trigger the parts I wanted (still using one sample, not trimmed), and this time I’m slicing and then trimming. One thing I’m glad for this time is that I don’t really need to worry about zero, because tiny fades are automatically added when trimming. The tune I’m remixing at the moment turned out to be exactly 131 bpm, so the grid lines up nicely. There are clicks when playing the slices before trimming, though. That makes me wish there was an option to automatically fade each slice without having to trim hay hay there are fade in and out controls in slice mode =). Also, I haven't put this to use yet, but you can have slices overlap each other if you turn off the auto slice snapping stuff. That way you could easily tap the first slice and have it play through the phrase, and the next slice just starts a little bit after the first slice starts, but again will play through the phrase, or whatever you want the end point of these slices to be. In that case you might either want to make sure polyphony is 1 or that the respective overlapping pads are in the same choke group. You have to do your slicing visually because as you said there's no showing the duration of each slice. You can at least use auto slicing to get the rough cuts set for 8 bars or whatever, then go and adjust or add slices accordingly.

  • Oh duh, you can adjust attack to get rid of clicks on the start of a slice, which might be the most important one, but it'd be cool if there was a way to fade the end point as well. Also, the offset feature in slice mode (under polyphony) is something to consider if you want to have cue points that can auto trigger, as opposed to having overlapping slices. Right now, if you have enough overlapping slices, the overlapping area will go full white so you can't see the wave form anymore (at about 16 slices overlapping).

  • Ok so slice, trim, choke and fade is the way to do it then :)

  • Double duh, there are fade in and out options in slice mode... I'm still learning new things about this app the more I use it =)

    You may not need to trim, tho. So far, I think I'm mostly trimming so I can make smaller samples that trigger faster, as I've noticed lag when I've sliced up a long sample across pads and try to "perform" with them. I'm still no expert, so I could still be missing something!

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    Neat thing: I've already sliced out the individual drum sounds from the drums stem on this remix, and now I can turn on slice mode for these pads to adjust the fade out control (even though the sample is one big slice), rather than editing the fade into the trimmed sample. =D

  • So far in this session I’ve done it three ways haha

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