Its time for robust save/unsaved/autosave

The current extreme bloat unsaved session folder growing non stop without ever informing the users needs to be replaced.

  1. When you start Beatmaker and hit 'Create new session' DO NOT CREATE AN UNSAVED SESSION FOLDER, just create/use a Current session folder in the sessions folder, with two sub folders, samples and audio tracks.
  2. Have a home icon with the search/document/store/gear icons, this will open your current session folder in document view.
  3. If a user tries to create a new session, open a warning "You have unsaved files in current session" with two options "view/delete" when the user taps 'View', open the current session in document view (Home icon) when user taps 'Delete' remove current session folder entirely including all samples/recordings.
  4. If a user double taps home and swipe closes Beatmaker, DO NOTHING, next time the user opens Beatmaker open a warning "You have unsaved files in previous session" with the same two options "View/delete" when the user taps 'View', open the current session in document view (Home icon) when user taps 'Delete' remove current session folder entirely including all samples/recordings.
  5. If a user tries to save session, open 'save as' create/name a new session folder in sessions and copy all files 1:1 to this session folder, delete current session folder and ONLY USE files in the newly created/named session folder.
  6. If a user drags n drops a file from the files app, copy it to the current session folder samples sub folder.
  7. If a user records any audio tracks on the timeline, record them in to the audio tracks sub folder of current session folder.
  8. If a user records any samples using the sample recorder, put them in the samples sub folder of current session.
    This has now replaced the unsaved session folder entirely in a much more robust user friendly/informative way.

As part of this 'Save as' needs updating too to get rid of those horrific multiple files everybody seems to be getting.

  1. Remove the option to 'copy samples' it is just creating multiple copies of the same sample in different locations.
  2. Have an 'Archive' option, tick archive and a zip file is created containing the current session directory plus all used samples copied to the sample sub folder, then added to an 'Archive' folder in the browser.
  3. If a user uses 'Save as' tick archive again, add a new archive to the archive folder, if one already exists with the same name increment it.
  4. Option to increment, if ticked, a new folder is created in the session folder 'Previous versions' the previous session file will be moved to this folder and renamed to add the current date, if the folder already exists then just move to said folder.
    A proper archival system like this is much more robust and does not create visible duplicates, makes backing up to cloud/desktop ridiculously easy.

Autosave needs some settings to be more robust.

  1. Autosave will only ever update the current session folder.
  2. Option for time between autosaves.
  3. Option to turn autosave off entirely.


  • +infinity

  • yeah I like these ideas, and they make sense

  • +1, and summarised to perfection by @5pinlink

    Nothing more to add here from me

    My unsaved sessions folder grows by the day, but I am far too scared to delete it (which caused lost irreplaceable samples and broken sessions the last time I foolishly did delete it!)

  • Yep that unsaved sessions folder has no reason to exist (As i showed above, before anybody argues hahaha)
    It is a very poor way to implement a safety net in my opinion.

  • Unsaved sessions should still show date and be stored in the sessions folder like @5pinlink said. Best request thread ever IMO.

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