So I just noticed the ability to modulate with aftertouch. I have a launchpad pro and an Axiom 49 gen 2. Both have aftertouch capabilities. BM3 doesn't seem to respond to Aftertouch from either controller. My goal was to have a sample in layer 1, then using aftertouch, bring in the volume of an additional sample on layer 2. Any thoughts?


  • Aftertouch is broken in current version,hope next version will solve the problem.
    As far as I remember after touch used to work in the firsts versions of BM3

  • Still broken I guess...

    Looks like I can record it in from Animoog or Model 15 (whoot!) but I cant seem to get Animoog or Model 15 to receive it when I play back from BM3 (no whoot).

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    So Aftertouch is a mod source for many parameters in BM3's sampler, but that's specifically 'Channel Aftertouch'. Polyphonic/Key Aftertouch isn't listed as a source for any parameters in BM3, but is available as a mod source in Pattern MIDI (as shown in the photo above). So is it just for AUs that support it? But Audiogus says that the Moog apps don't receive it? I'm curious why it's available and how BM3 manages it. Any ideas?

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