Sound from a pad w/synth out to a USB audio interface?

Hi all..

I’m a new BM3 user and may be missing something.


  • I have a synth on a Pad. It is receiving MIDI from an external keyboard coming through an external USB interface, and I have an Audio track set up properly in the sequencer and mixer,etc..
  • I can see that MIDI is reaching the pad w/synth, as I can see the pad lighting up and responding to my external MIDI controller coming in through the external USB interface.
  • But, I can’t figure out how to route the synth apps’ audio out to the USB audio interface.
  • everything is OK when I use regular audio (mic) coming in through that USB interface and the sending the recorded audio back out through the USB interface.
  • So, the audio path works fine.... how do I get the synth app on a pad to send it’s audio out to th same interface? How can I hear this pad and synth?

Thanks for any ideas! What am I missing?


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    You will need to set the internal pad or bank on the audio track under Mixer View's I/O. If you wish to hear the audio track outputted to your interface, turn monitor ON the audio track.

  • First give us more info, is it an AU or IAA, If it is either of those and recordings of your voice in Beatmaker are playing back fine, they will play back fine without setting up routing.

    The best thing to do is to make sure the usb interface is working by loading a default project and pressing play, see if that plays.

  • @cmillar are you using a real hardware synthesizer and a pad?

  • Hi...the synth app is Nave (or have also tried iM1 for this).

    I was trying Nave as an Audiobus instance. (This might be where I messed up?)

    But will doublecheck what I did and try it as IAA for sure.

  • Will try a default project for sure.

  • Ahh! Default session works great (Summer Lights)

    External MIDI controller works fine coming in my USB interface (Behringer UMC204HD), I can trigger all tracks in BM3, and all sound from BM3 is coming out through the Behringer.

    So, I’ll see how everything is wired up here in the session... thanks for the help!

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