PERSPECTIVE BUG: Paging and selected pad perspective (UNCONFIRMED)

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When switching pages on Performance or Sampler View, the bounding boxes of a selection moves between pages but is not associated with that selection. This is a perception bug because if you forget your previous selections and let’s say for example enter certain modes such as KEYS MODE to play a pads keys or SELECT mode for copy paste cut clear pad. You are actually in a pad from another page.

steps to reproduce:
There are many but select a pad put it in some key. Go to another page with a pad in same location on grid. Tap keys. Your other pad is the actual selection. Not the one that looks selected.

Suggested fix:
Keep bounding boxes on their respective pages until a new selection/trigger is made.

Not really workarounds but...

If using single channel and moving about multiple pages/banks in 16/64 view, try to remember your page number from the previous selection per pad/bank simultaneously and make a new selection in an empty pad if available.

name all pads and do not use blank pads

attempt to read text while playing/recording.

use performance modes information details per pad as reference instead of bounding boxes, etc.

This is all actually very difficult because the information is contained within a bounding box. You see the bounding box first.

You will have more difficulty in performance view. In sampler view, information is much bigger and you are less likely to forget your pad selections.


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    One additional note:

    Sampler view paging down works as expected. Select a pad from a higher page (say 128). Go into sampler view and page down. No unexpected select. Not the same however when paging up.

    Staying In Sampler View works fine most of the time. It is performance view only and sometimes when switching between the two views. Selecting another pad in Sampler View will either work or not.

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