anyone using the Kuvert fx plugin?

i really want to like this plugin, it makes interesting filter/glitch sounds. it's well laid out and has an intuitive design. but as a plugin for beatmaker3 it seems to only work 30% of the time. Can't say if it's more stable on other apps (cubasis, aum, etc...)

it's IAA only, would love it to be AU, i would also love it to be stable. i'm using this, like most of my AU/IAA fx plugins, on an audio track.

i'm starting to get a feeling there are ios app developers, like BM3 that really see a future in IOS (and fingers crossed the recent NAMM special offer will work for them) but I also feel other developers just throw out a (workable) version of their desktop app, then forget about IOS as a platform. I feel these latter developers are going to kill off ios as a serious music platform if they are going to keep releasing substandard products.

I was also thinking that maybe the forum could have a separate sub-forum for PLUGINS. a place where we, the customers, can share our experiences and the developers of said PLUGINS, can read more about the user experience and maybe learn more in order for them to make quality products and support this platform.

sorry for the rant.

any thoughts?



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    This is the plugin sub forum, look at the top for sticky lists leading to individual threads for each AU effect/Instrument.

  • @5pinlink thanks for pointing that out. the sub forum is ok to add iaa (non AU) app info also?

  • Add whatever you want, its just a forum, i am only updating AUs though, everything else is outdated in my book.

  • Klevgrand has moved away from complicated apps like Kuvert. It's not worth the trouble to support them on iOS, I guess, so they focus more on one trick AUs now. They probably wish Kuvert would disappear from the App Store at this point.

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