Saving Cross-Controller maps?

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I am loving the new update. I especially like the cross controller for playing with the effects. Having the bypass buttons right there is so key! But it doesn't seem to save my mappings when I save the project, or when I save the kit. Unless I'm doing it wrong? What I mean is that, if I map X-axis to Bitcrush Frequency and Y-axis to Filter Cutoff, then I close the project and reopen, it goes back to the default maps (Pan, and Volume, I think).

I'd like to either:
a) save my custom map as a preset, or beter yet
b) have the project and/or kit save the Cross Controller maps.

Is this possible? It's especially important for me, because my primary use for Beatmaker is for live performance, and I dont' want to have to redo the maps each time I load up a new track. It actually makes the cross controller useless to me for effect control, which is my favorite thing to use it for.


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    Has anyone noticed whether this is/isn't possible? If it's not, then I'll request it in an update, but if it is, I'd like ot know that I'm doing something wrong.
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    I agree! This is rather annoying the first times you expect the settings to be saved. Because of this I've stopped using the CCmaps in my projects. I'm sure this would be an easy feature to implement.
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