Best guitar amp sim in for beatmaker

Hi everybody
Just asking for experiences , good or bad, with different guitar amp sims in beatmaker. Ive got jam up but it seems a bit flat tbh. Clean tones mainly


  • Tonestack or bias fx. I think i heard that tonestack will be AU some day(and unlikely that bias would), so it might be a better choice.

    Do keep in mind that no amp sim program will sound like being in a room with a tube amp. Cleans and slight crunch they can do decently and they can sound good enough in a mix. Try putting a distortion/overdrive/fuzz pedal between guitar and interface to get better overdriven sounds. Use 3rd party impulse responces(you can load them to free app called fiddlicator and host it in bias/tonestack as iaa fx) and turn the apps own cab sim off to get better sounds. Internet is full of free impulses.

  • Try out the free effects app Muckraker for some nice distorted tones. It isn't as versatile, but it is free, simple to configure and may be useful to you.

  • I use bias fx, never really messed with the amp sims part of it. You can make it run in stereo so sometimes i use it for effects on synths, particularly bass

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