Would love some feedback on these tracks

here two tracks i made this week, enjoy and tell me what you think ;)


  • Not really my sort of thing, so i cant comment too much, but are the beats supposed to be that much louder than all the ambient stuff underneath ?
    Is it all Beatmaker 3 or is there some synth plugins etc for the synths/ambience stuff ?

  • Hi @Luca000

    It would be interesting to learn more about how the tracks were put together. Assuming they were done in BM3, what synths/effects/plugins etc did you use?

    I agree with @5pinlink that the drum levels are a little hot compared to the rest of the elements. Perhaps you were planning to add some master bus compression? If not, you definitely need to lower the drum levels a bit.

    The range of textures, audio quality and programming is really good, but for my tastes there isn't enough variety/development to keep my ears interested for the whole track. There's a risk it could sound like a really nice 4-bar loop repeated 50 times.

    Not intended as criticism - just trying to help you get better.

  • I agree with both kind gentlemen above. I like the music underneath, I would love to have it out in front more! The drums have that “trap sound” (forgive me if i’m genre ignorant...i’m old) and kind of suck the life out of the nice ambient vibe going on underneath. Maybe pull some of the harshness off the snare and add some automated reverb swells on some of the hits. Matter o fact you could put a low pass filter on the drums in general at parts, giving it variety.

    But for sure, the drums are too up front for my personal taste. When I hear the ambient...I wanna hear the ambient :smiley:

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    agreed with everyone here, I liked the melodic sounds and was expecting them to either come up in volume as the track progressed, or just be louder, but the drums being quieter might also be the way to go. Also, and it might be mostly noticeable due to the melodic sounds being so quiet that it's hard to hear them, the bass line seems to stay the same throughout in both tunes. Adding some variation there should help as well. You could cut the bass out of the track in parts, automate the volume, but adding at least one or two different bass line patterns should also help. I struggle with this all the time, myself. It's easier said than done, in my case.

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  • I do like trap and typically the kick, snare and hihats are front and center of the track so it’s got that going for it. Like everyone else said I also would like the ambient background louder cause both tracks have a nice dreamy-type vibe I can vibe with. More variation would bring it to the next level. You have a lot of good stuff going on here though :)

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