How to fix Roland drum kit Midi Lag?

Hate it so just record with iPad mic not bad either


  • What brain, how is it connected ?

  • Not a full Roland "kit" but i'm not getting lag with MIDI drum pads and BM3 on my end... :)

    Maybe this video I made will help?

  • Cool I gotta TD-15 and just using a i connect to iPad but yea I’m getting like a .5-1 second delay and can’t play that way but I was also wondering if the quick record feature will also trigger midi cuz then I would really care guess I could try it but I’ve just been using mic which isn’t that bad does anybody how a cheap cool mic enhancer for iPad.? And way to use usb with iPad without but special usb.? But that’s for reply’s I’ll check out vid now.

  • Nice that’s cool and yea I think the interface u have is better than I connect but I also like so make melodic or synth noises with my drum sound. There many different percussion and a few synth on the brain but it was on my drum set that I noticed tunings even drum sounds way down like gong, chimes, rain sticks, cymbals will give u really cool sounds like synths and I find myself doing that in beat maker a lot too. Easy way to get a unique note the exact length too. But thanks yea I might have to get better interface appreciate that advice tho.

  • Look at your buffer settings for latency.
    500ms to 1sec is ridiculously high though, not sure the latency even goes that high.
    Possibly a MIDI feedback issue or something ?

  • Thanks bro haven’t been on here in a while but yea I think ima just invest in a decent Mic and transfer a bunch of cool kits over to that there are 50 slots I haven’t really programmed but my drums are a drum machine haha lots of effects tuning ambience EQ, just no sampler or song building but can transfer anything I want over with USB better for me thanks for advice

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