Exporting individual tracks for mixing: Peak/RMS Normalize to user defined value

When exporting individual banks/pads/tracks for mixing elsewhere from scratch, it would be useful to be able to normalize to a certain peak or rms value, e.g. - 6 dB peak or -18 dB rms. Then the level of the audio would be close to the optimum level to begin with when the starting the mix.
When I'm creating a track in BM3 I am naturally changing the fader levels for individual tracks, and then for exporting I tend to bring all faders up to unity/to a level where the RMS signal is averaging at around -20 dB. A user defined peak/rms normalization would remove the need for this and speed up the exporting process and I wouldn't have to change the fader levels in my original BM3 session to which I might return for some tweaking later on.
@mathieugarcia Does this FR make sense?


  • Hey @gosnote !

    That would be a very welcomed addition for sure, thanks for the suggestion!


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    I would disagree with this partially, yes rendering to 24bit gives you that extra headroom to accomodate this but it is still best practice to have your source be normalised.
    Ignore all this guff of "It removes a gain stage" a digital gain stage is nothing, it is not a real amp, it is 1x1 and i would (personally, and again yes 24bit does negate some of this) much rather work from a starting point of full bit rate usage (yes like i said 24bit negates this a lot) than be using partial bit files.

    An option is obviously no bother to anybody, but i didnt want anybody reading this and thinking they need/have to volume reduce (not using all bits) to work properly.
    There is enough nonsense spoken about gain staging in the digital world already !!

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