future request mpc style sequencing/song arrangement (as an option)

@mathieugarcia Would it be possible where you can drag your sequences into a vertical row and choose how many times to repeat your sequences building a song as opposed to horizontal sequence / song arrangement?
The bm3 scene mode is similar but not quite the same plus in scene mode you have to trigger the scenes manually
Thanks in advance for any info.


  • You will need to think this through a bit more, what do you actually mean by sequences ?

    If you had a single column playlist like that you could only drag one pattern at a time in to it, that would be absolutely archaic and only allow one pattern to play at a time

    Or do you mean scenes when you say sequences, then it would be groups of patterns layered ?

    How would linear audio tracks be handled ?

    Or do you just mean a playlist to put a bunch of patterns in that then creates a faux single pattern of the playlist to add to a track in the timeline ?

    Beatmaker is nothing like the MPC, if you want to work that way, it may be the wrong software for you ;)

  • @5pinlink did you really just say Beatmaker is nothing like an MPC- Cooool

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    Have you even used an MPC ?
    Its first linear iteration was MPC 2 software, and it is only partially linear, Beatmaker is entirely linear.

    So yes, because i own and use both i can happily say that Beatmaker is nothing like the MPC, much like it is nothing like Ableton live, much like it is nothing like Cubasis.

    But hey, if it is so much like an MPC, why would you be asking for one if its backbone features as a request, must already be in Beatmaker, yes ?

  • @5pinlink I use the Emu SP1200/S950/MPC60 mk1 and 2/S900 and the 1.44mb floppy disks too so you know it all - Well done - if its a problem for you when i've asked and not demanded anything in requests so be it -
    End of the day though it's what you do with it -
    I'am not here to explain my request which in no way was a demand and was a question not for you - I can see it's done your head in -
    Cool Beatmaker in your hands is not like an MPC.

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    Are you being silly again for no reason, you asked for something and i said explain further because it makes no sense and then told you exactly why it makes no sense, then even gave options of how it could work.

    This is you
    "Can Beatmaker kickstart my motorbike for me"
    "Its not really designed that way because it has no foot or leg"
    "Yeah ive done your head in, you suck, meh meh meh"

    It is very simple, explain the request or expect it to never happen, Intua are great developers, mind readers, not so much.

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    @5pinlink whatever - you go on like a txxt ban me if you want - your a joke

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    @5pinlink you are hard of hearing.

  • You really are building up quite a cogent case for this feature request.

    All that aside, two things..
    1 If you wish to swear at me, then do it in a PM, It isn't fair to other forum users.
    2 This is now the 4th time you have thrown a tantrum and asked me to ban you, i will repeat myself yet again, stop being silly, I can not ban you, i am a moderator, not an admin.

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