It would be very useful to have more precision for syncing / pasting / exporting

I posted about this in the bug section (with a video), but it’s not a bug at all, it’s a limitation. It’s not possible to paste a scene on a half or quarter mesure, it has to be on the bar. If you set the playhead on bar 20.3, BM3 past the scene on bar 20. More important, the audio export : if you choose to export a loop which goes from 17.3 to 21.3, the result is an audio file which starts at bar 17 and stops at bar 21, which is not convenient at all, and it wasn’t an issue in BM2. And of course, syncing between song mode and scene mode follows the same logic.


  • Tell me about it, go to the sample editor and slice to grid, now see if you can change that grid lol

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