mb-sylenthone (electronic)

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Most of the sounds on this track were created in sylenth1, apart from drums and some effects in ableton live. Originally created in ableton live, but this is the beatmaker version,

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.airtones.net/tracks/sylenthone_beatmaker.mp3">http://www.airtones.net/tracks/sylenthone_beatmaker.mp3</a><!-- m -->

Kit and sequence:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.airtones.net/tracks/sylenthone.zip">http://www.airtones.net/tracks/sylenthone.zip</a><!-- m -->


  • zeezee
    edited 2:06PM
    This is really great. This is the best example of BeatMaker that I've heard so far! I think we've only just barely scratched the surface in terms of the quality of music this app will produce.

    As far as really nit-picking for criticism, I'd say the kick drum sample is a little washy and doesn't have the immediate impact that I feel like it should, and for this type of music I'd increase the volume of the bass line just a tad as it's holding down a lot of the main melodic stuff.

    WITH THAT BEING SAID HOWEVER, THIS IS REALLY GOOD! I absolutely love it! The atmospheric ambient stuff is really effing awesome. Can you swear on this forum? I guess "effing" will have to do. But yeah, good stuff and I can't wait to hear more!
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    Sounds awesome, Mb.
  • EliEli
    edited 2:06PM
    Well done! Loved this track.

    Thank you for the kit and sequence : )
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