Export problem with Gadget

I'm new here so please be patient :smile: I set Gadget on 2 different channels on 2 banks. I recorderd midi sounds in BM using pads connected with korg, everything works fine when I hit play but when I try to export track in wav there's no sound. Is there any solution for that? Thanks for your time!



  • You cant export an IAA, you will need to record the output of gadget to a new audio track or record it as a sample.

    Record an audio track
    Create a new audio track
    Long press it and change its input to gadget
    Make sure it is armed (red dot)
    Hit record in Beatmakers transport

    Recording a sample
    Go to the sampler
    Press the record button (red)
    Change its input to gadget
    Use the various options (you will get the idea)

  • It solves my problem. Thank you!

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