Jungle 01 - Drumkit

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  • Love these kits. Cheers 👍

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    Note to anybody who has downloaded these, please download again, I have created a whole new foldering structure to make your life so so so so much easier when browsing.
    When i created Jungle 02, it really started to annoy me that i had to go to a different folder than just inside my Jungle folder to check out Jungle 02s samples and kit, so now it is all enclosed, when you upgrade to Jungle 02, you can just move the folders in to the Jungle folder and now all samples are in samples all kits are in kits and all MIDI files are in MIDI (See video above)
    On that note, each kit comes with 8 MIDI files now too, which work on any of the drumkits i have posted, all other genres will be updated too, trust me, with the five or so kits i have already posted, this equates to near infinite amount of drum patterns ;)
    Also another bonus is that i have now incorporated my full sample foldering, so all Kicks are in a Kick folder, all Snares are in a Snare folder etc.
    Its a ton more work to set up on my end, but a hell of a lot nicer browsing with way less folder hoping.

    Small note however, if you don't want to use the new foldering, you don't have to, it just works better ;)
    You can just extract and use, this just saves a ton of extra folders and is a bit more organised.

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