Bug or design?

When channels are soloed and I’m just listening to a pattern and I replace a bank with another bank it automatically unsolos it and resets everything back to zero.

Is this by design or a bug?


  • Unsolos what ?
    Unsolos the channel within a bank, unsolos the bank that you have replaced ?
    Need more information.

  • Unsolos the channel. In the mixer I have channels soloed listening to a pattern and playing with sounds. I replace a bank and the channel unsolos so I have to go and solo it out again to continue listening to the sound I’m auditioning to the pattern.

  • The mixer has audio track channels, pad channels and bank channels, do you have a pad solo in a bank, then you replace that bank but the new bank no longer has the pad solo ?

  • I replaced a bank. Soloed a bunch of mixer channels aka bank channels to play a sound. I changed a bank to a new bank sound and it un solos.

  • This is by design, quite a few people wanted solo state saved with the bank, so when you are loading a new bank it is loading that banks solo states ;)

  • I’m not within the bank. I understand that concept. I soloed channels on the mixer not within the banks on the mixer and replaced a bank with another bank to audition the sounds and it un solos. I have never seen this in any daw.

    This is where an instrument channel would benefit a pad channel then if it is that way by design.

  • Mixer channels are within banks ?
    When you solo in the mixer it solos in the bank if you have soloed a bank or pad.

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