Good Girl and the Bad Times - Keep Your Yesterdays (idafex remix)

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A remix my wife and I did for the latest Feedback Alliance remix challenge, done completely in BeatMaker 3. =)



  • Sounds great. Tell me more about the challenge.

    What parts did your wife do? Not the vocals, surely!!

  • @tk32 haha no she didn’t do the vocals in this one - she mostly helped make creative decisions and things like that. This was my second FA submission using BM3, but the first one done solely in BM3. This one in particular only makes use of the stems that were provided, no outside sounds, which was a choice I made. Feedback Alliance [FA] is a group with a local presence in Austin, TX, but the Facebook group extends beyond that. They coordinate with artists to put on these remix challenges, resulting in a final mixtape of the submissions. Generally we get a bunch of stems from an original track and have some rules with which to get it done. It used to be a 2 week long challenge, now it’s a month long challenge, and it might become a quarterly long remix challenge, to focus less on remix culture and more on original productions and collaboration and live shows. The full mixtape is here:

  • This is the original tune:

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    Since you mentioned my wife singing, here’s a cover we made in which she does sing! =D (made in Ableton Live):

    In this tune, she recorded really noisy demo vocals and I insisted that we keep them. You might be able to hear mouse clicking, which I also kept intentionally =)

  • @ronji good work! Nice drum groove and mix. Did you end up chopping the vocals onto pads?

  • @drez said:
    @ronji good work! Nice drum groove and mix. Did you end up chopping the vocals onto pads?

    Thanks! For the short bursts you can hear from the beginning, I did slice some vowels to pads. For the main vocal, I sliced the original stem on a single pad and played one 2 minute long stretch with one note on that pad. =D I did consider slicing the vocal into phrases or something, but I didn’t have any trouble with the one long stretch so I left it that way.

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