Drummer. Y comp beat sound fine but when I Drum I’m always to fast

Yo BeatMakers idk if I’m I just playingto fast or are the part of my song at different tempos throwing me off. I’m very new to making beats( on comp) but great drummer and never have problems with any other songs. Think I saw before that people live naturally come in before the 1 count but not sure. And how do I speed up whole song with out messin up the sample. Like I said very new only had GarageBand 1 month/ music studio 1 month and now BeatMaker 1 month. I smash at reall life beat making tho. Any tips appreciated


  • I do like metal thrash and drumming fast but play blues slow as hell too no problem so idk

  • And making hip hop which one my best styles to play ima up load my song I did today not complete by any means but maybe someone can tell if I need to fine tune more or what

  • Some of the greatest musicians of all time couldn't play to a metronome, what are you playing along to ?

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  • Rock and pop

    1. One of the interesting things about real bands is that everyone generally plays slightly behind the drummer, taking their cues from and reacting to the drums. To recreate this feel with programmed drums, try nudging them forward along the timeline a tiny bit (a few milliseconds´ worth), or the other parts a tiny bit back…

    2. Real drum parts generally have a lot more in the way of grace notes and fills than programmed beats, so factor this in when arranging them. The only really reliable way to achieve these nuances in the first place is to play them in by

    I found it on music radar.com but this saying It should be good if drums are a little fast lil maybe it’s cuz thrash is my favorite and it’s better to be to fast than slow when drumming some exodus and testament but might use shaker like I also saw cuz I’ve always hatted click but shakers are cool ima try moving it tad forward to to see if helps . Thank homes maybe I am just to good og drummer haha JKJK 15 years but still can learn a lot more

  • Dynamics so big for me and program how I actually play is like impossible cuz it just doesn’t sound the same even on 64th triplets. I tried and couldn’t get it Dynamics is big for any instrument and when I know ur decent at ur instrument

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