Live Performance Multiple Stereo In/out?

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On an ipadPro and a 8 channel usb/analogue low latency mixer: can BM3 be configured to:

1) have more than two audio outputs (i.e. i need 4 stereo tracks)
2) applying filters on live inputs that are being performed live. (side chain compression & eq, amp sims, gates etc..)
3) have 4 stereo loops with live time/pitch stretching

on a A10x chipset with usb3 can i do any of these with BM3 on a live performance, youtube video anyone?
Don't want to go ableton/bitwig route please :(

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  • Personally wouldn’t use BM3 for live performance, too risky. The app just crashes and closes, I wouldn’t recommend it. Don’t get me wrong I love bm3 but it crashes with such regularity that I wouldn’t risk it on stage if I were you. Running a practically brand new iPad Pro 12.9

  • Its weird that the Pro still comes up as the most crashy with BM3.

  • I have the first iPad PRo 12.9 and would not consider using it live at this point in time. I will say thought that the current version of BM3 is definitely the most stable one so far. I havent had any issues in a while.

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    I have two MINI 2s and an AIR2, i have never had Beatmaker 3 crash out entirely unless a spurious plugin was involved, once you work out and throw out the garbage, solid.

    To be clear, i don't have a pro.

  • I get crashes less often these days but still pretty regular. And can't always duplicate the cause of crash. Definitely wouldn't feel relaxed playing a show with BM3 unless it was a minimal barebones session with zero AU and macros etc.

    It's generally pretty quick to load a session though so if OP is determined to not use laptop and ableton or Bitwig, he could always get an emergency button.. Like an sp404 or a boss rc50 looper pedal, with something lined up to hit instantly if bm3 crashes and cover him while the session reloads.. Not ideal tho!

  • Two ipads is fine for me.

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