Export is missing notes triggered by Rozeta

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I started a new track today which has a synth (the lovely new Tardigrain) triggered entirely by 2x chained Rozeta plugins (no patterns required).

I have Rozeta cells on pad 2, sending chords through to Rozeta arp on pad 3, which is finally routed through to the Tardigrain synth loaded on pad 1. All 3 are loaded into bank A.

When I play the song everything sounds lovely, even though this track is completely blank in song view, but when I do an export no sound is captured from this bank - only the drums and bass I've added on banks B and C

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Or if this could possibly be a bug?


  • You have to record the notes playing before you can export anything...

  • By that I mean the midi notes :smile: just arm the track and hit record

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    Thanks @denx

    I did wonder about this.. and it sort of makes sense.

    It's a shame if I have to render all those randomised sequences into patterns every time I want to do an export ...and also remember to disconnect all the Rozeta routing (to stop double triggering of the synth)

  • Yes, it would be nice if we could just mute the midi coming from rozeta

  • Instead of recording the midi notes prior to exporting, can´t you just create an audio track and set its audio input to be the audio output of the tardigrain pad?

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    I don’t see why not, if that’s what you want. But
    I don’t have that much room on my iPad :(

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    Thanks @bleep

    Not a bad idea.. :)

    Though it means I have the hassle of re-recording every time I tweak the settings etc.

    It basically means I'd have to play though the entire song in real time, and store a massive WAV file just so my export can include the midi notes that are triggered by Rozeta.

    It seems to me Intua could quite easily tweak the Export routine to include midi notes triggered by Rozeta.

    What do you think @brambos?

    (I love Rozeta btw ;))

  • You actually have Rozeta working ?
    It is miles off beat and missing notes here, playback and recorded as MIDI.

  • I agree it's not (yet) rock solid with timing etc, so I'm using it in a way where timing and missing notes are not the end of the world.

    Still, it's a shame the Export procedure currently ignores all midi notes that are not triggered by a pattern (ie everything that comes from Rozeta)

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    Yeah MIDI AU is completely unusable, should be removed until it works as far as im concerned.
    There are just a few too many unfinished or broken features in BM3 now, its starting to look a little rag tag.

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    Gotta look into this export issue along with the AUv3 MIDI timings when quantization is off.

    EDIT: found out what is wrong with export ignoring incoming MIDI notes. Easy fix!

    Thanks for the reports!


  • Wonderful news.

    Thanks again @mathieugarcia

  • I think AU MIDI is just not doable for many hosts, it isn't really being picked up, does the timing work in AUM @brambos ?

  • @5pinlink said:
    I think AU MIDI is just not doable for many hosts, it isn't really being picked up

    There are a few mainstream hosts in beta with AU MIDI support right now, so it is actually being picked up. And I don't see how it wouldn't be doable. If a host already has MIDI handling implemented, it is not that different from MIDI notes generated by an internal pianoroll or sequencer, or received via MIDI input. Conceptually it's just another MIDI event with a timing offset which can be added to the queue of internal and external events that need to be handled.

  • I'll wait for Cubasis then, either that or buy AUM.

  • So users want export of tracks without anything recorded? Why on Earth do you want export of nothing captured? Everything is just live output without being recorded. Of course it would be blank.

    The export issue and timings is because quantize in general is off in BM3 and patterns that capture incorrectly on their note off values don't export if they are outside their duration. So you'd hear it but it's data gets missed. Why? Because export is grid specific. Then 1/4 and 1/8 quantize is off on occasion as well but more so at the note on values. So is slicing to pads with pattern. It's not accurate and needs fixed.

  • Not really, a MIDI AU is a MIDI sequence, much the same that a piano roll is a MIDI sequence, so realtime capture of that is normal behaviour on export.

    Yes the grid is all over the place right now in BM3 for MIDI AU and slicing, MIDI is very much in its infancy right now in Beatmaker.

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    Bm3 is a DAW host though. Not an audio unit itself. Are there other DAWS that actually export the midi when it isn't even captured? Don't know of this. And if anyone knows one I sure would love to know. :)

    I guess at export processing would have to read the entire song while the play head is running and listen to all patterns to export it down and actually do this.

  • Are we talking just IOS here, well obviously not because the only DAW that supports MIDI Plugins on IOS is BM3, but every single DAW i own on the desktop renders MIDI plugins.

    Energy XT
    Studio One
    Pro Tools
    Maschine, and Maschine cant even load MIDI plugins, they have to be wrapped and they still render.

    Some of my DAWs are way out of date, but i doubt they removed the capability.

    Lets move on though, because the developer of the app has already said in this very thread...

    @mathieugarcia said:
    EDIT: found out what is wrong with export ignoring incoming MIDI notes. Easy fix.

  • Clarification: export ignores external MIDI notes, so hitting your MIDI keyboard or pads don't accidentally get in the mix. Now, AUv3 MIDI notes were discarded for this exact reason. I'm reviewing and improving the general AUv3 MIDI implementation as well!


  • I think it could be a long haul to get it right as regards the timing and missing notes @mathieugarcia
    Worth the wait though ;)

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