Master Fx (a la GR16 and Garagband)

GR16 and Garageband's master fx x/Y pads and tape stop etc are super useful, fast to access and fun. Would love to see BM3 compete in this area with a dedicated UI addition somewhere.


  • So a bunch of performance effects, specifically designed for performance recording on the master channel ?
    (i dont have GR16 so any extra info would be cool)
    We definitely need some way to be able to set a performance panel in my view, have you ever tried 'Playground' if you could make your own set ups for that it would be the greatest thing ever made.

  • Yeah GR16 has a x/Y pad that has a MFX button and that button has a menu with various options for different types of master fx on the xy pad. Some of them are pretty interesting/effective..A lot of fast (automatable) performace fun between that and the arpeggio on the x/Y pad and 'jump' mode.
    Would be great to see Arpeggiator in BM3. On keys screen and x/Y pad. Using rozeta for basic arp duties sucks pretty hard for general workflow.

    And Garageband has similar + op1 'tape stop' and couple other bells and whistles.

  • I think i would want a more robust way of doing it like Maschines performance effects, but yeah agreed with the idea in general.

    Obviously some stuff can be done now by setting up macros on effects and x/y pad etc, but definitely needs more pused in the performance direction.

  • Haven't used maschine so can't compare. But yeah, anything down that road.

    Yup could kind of cobble something similar together with fx and macros and x/Y and save it as part of a project template but think would need to come from intua to be made as optimal in the BM3 UI as it feels in GR16.

  • Maschine has a bunch of effects that go in the normal slots, but the actual controls of the effects themseleves are designed for performace, so they have spring back and p locks and all that stuff, all controlled by Jams strips.

  • Cool, sounds good!

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