MIDI Actions for Undo/Redo

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May we have MIDI actions for undo and redo just like there are for the rest of the transport bar? Having to reach for the screen for just these two functions when doing takes is a drag. Especially as everything else is so eminently mappable!


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    Hi spieden, welcome to the forum.
    Polls in feature requests caused a bit of an upset a few months back, so best to avoid those.
    As for your FR, as far as im concerned, if you can do it, you should be able to do it with a MIDI controller, Reaper style, so big +1

  • +1 here too. More focus actions! :)

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    Focus actions are ok, more MIDI actions please (Vastly different things)

  • @5pinlink said:
    Focus actions are ok, more MIDI actions please (Vastly different things)

    Focus actions are midi actions. There is no midi map actions otherwise except modulation. I don't understand why I am using the wrong terminology here based on BM3 design. OP clearly was speaking of focus actions (midi actions whatever we are calling it then.) To be able to have undo/redo controllable. Sorry...again.

  • Ok anything controlled by MIDI at any time/view is a MIDI action, anything that is only controlled by MIDI while it is 'in focus' is a focus action.

    Why is this important i hear you ask, heres a quick example....
    Sample start and stop points, if you had these set up on a controller, you would want them as focus actions, so that whenever you have a sample in focus you can adjust its start stop, but you dont need a never ending hardware controller with dial after dial for start stop fpr every sample.
    Two dials adjust start n stop for whatever is in view.
    Some people will want to be able to modulate start stop point of samples, therefore you would also need them as MIDI actions so that they could be modulated even if they werent in focus/visible.

    FYI i didnt say the OP wasnt talking about focus actions, general always visible controls tend to be, i just said more MIDI actions please.

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    @5pinlink I agree with you above 100%. What I’m saying is Focus Actions Can be confusing because there are focus actions that do not need to be visible at all to use. Which is in some ways why I originally felt focus actions was just a global panel for all midi assignments (minus modulations and input/output).

    For example. I can trigger pads without viewing them (I just have to be on the respective bank). I can lock effects panel to always be seen. I can control macros without viewing the panel. I can view a totally different track in mixer view and still use focus actions.

    I get that there are midi actions (that require a global focus) and midi actions what you are implying. Those modulating MIDI everywhere (this is midi Learn). BM3 unfortunately doesn’t specify its doing these two separate things unless a user knows what “focused (global)” means and what a GM Mapping (modulation) is. Some users don’t know these things. We do, but it is somewhat misleading to new users.

    I originally thought the settings panel would be a house for all midi assignments being utilized. That hasn’t come yet. Neither has global midi Learn. I would imagine (as I’ve said in the past), that the more midi actions available outside of settings, the more the focus actions panel in settings needs to be a MIDIMappings table rather than labeled “Focus Actions” otherwise assignments will get buried and harder to remove/reassign (user forgets what they mapped). We will see.

  • Being on the respective bank is 'In focus' Focus means selected or in view generally.
    You can control macros without them being in view, but they still have to be part of the selection you currently have 'In focus'

    Modulating MIDI everywhere is not MIDI Learn, MIDI Learn is just the ability to learn an assignment from the incoming message, even focus actions can be MIDI Learnt.

    GM Mapping is a term that should never be used, that is for instrument and drum layout in a particular order (General MIDI standard)

    As far as i can see, the only thing in the Focus actions panel are all Focus actions, a panel for straight MIDI actions would need to be a separate panel (Tab) entirely.

    We could really do with making a page with all the names and definitions of this stuff in.

  • @5pinlink said:
    We could really do with making a page with all the names and definitions of this stuff in.

    Totally agree. I even learn the correct terminology from you. And I definitely don’t want to tell users wrong. I can see it now... Beatmaker Bible ebook (print edition) by 5pinlink. Available now in all bookstores! Lol! ;)

  • Would take a while to write, everytime i would finish a chapter, that git @mathieugarcia would add something new and make it out of date hahaha.
    I am considering it though for sure.

  • My offer for doing the book's design and layout and helping you self-publish is still open, btw.

  • @tk32 said:
    My offer for doing the book's design and layout and helping you self-publish is still open, btw.

    I gotta write the thing first hahaha

  • Hopefully Intua folks will take note. Seems like it should be an easy feature to knock out! Then again, maybe there's a non-trivial technical reason for the omission of Undo/Redo...

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