Midi note repeat bug

Just bumped into another bug. Mapped controller through focus actions again. Impressed that note repeat works via external controller.

Something I do on MPC to jam drum beats out ocasionally is turn note repeat on and for example set it to 1/16 and hold down hi hats for 16th notes and play the kick and the snare in too so it’s quantized perfectly in as I play. Whenever i do this on BM3 the kick drum or snare gets stuck on so instead of a nice drum pattern with 1/16 hats I end up with the kick drum stuck rolling 1/16 notes. Might be an easy fix, who knows.


  • There are some specific MIDI issues across the entire app at the moment. And some undesired latching as well either with external or touch based control. Currently repeats act in polyphony and do not work nicely with two sounds. It is known; however a video generally helps the devs see the problem in context. Thanks for reporting!

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