Maleficent (Instrumental) => Made with BM3, iMaschine2, Thumbjam and Blocswave

My latest track. Sometimes the hero doesn't win! Enjoy :)


  • I'd rap over it. Has the dark all over it. Good job!

  • @mefisme said:
    I'd rap over it. Has the dark all over it. Good job!

    Thank you! I tried to leave space for some bars >:)

  • @WillieNegus Firee! Thanks for listening

  • Hey @Michael Lawrence I really like it! Great feel, tempo is nice and late, if you know what I mean. I like the juxtaposition of the kind of dirty mic'd strings with the heavy bass. That reverb'd castanet is a nice touch as well. The filter envelope on the bass is a nice touch, gives it that rhythmic feel when it comes in. I think one thing that I MIGHT consider adding, if you don't mind my suggestion, is a trill or two with some strings to create some tension. Like where the trill comes in sforzando and then backs off, OR have it come in piano (quietly) and then crescendo! you could even have the trill start slow and build up speed as it got louder. If you had a whipcrack sample at the end that would be pretty dope :)

    But as is, I love it. Great work!

  • @drez Thank you for the detailed feedback! That is a really good idea with the thrills. Would definitely add more character, tension and release. Something to consider for my next song. I'm glad you liked it :)

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