Bm2 and Zeeon

How do you Zeeon into Bm2 using AUM?
Many thanks:-)


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    Load the first IAA instance of AUM (Port 1) into BM2. Switch to AUM. Load an AU instance of Zeeon and select the output below the fader. A pop up will show destination options. Select IAA/AudioBus Output. Select BeatMaker IAA Output 1, your're done. You have up to 8 IAA/AB Outputs available from AUM that you can route into BM2 or other IAA/AB host. Have fun!

  • You can also setup to play Zeeon from BM2's keyboard and record MIDI notes too.

  • Thanks for that! :-)
    I’ve had AUM and Audiobus on phone since they came out and never used them! Lol

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