Recording AUV3 MIDI AND audio?

Hey there
just wondering if I can record an AUV3 instruments’ MIDI, and Audio simultaneously, or maybe JUST the MIDI input?
I figured out how to route AU instruments into BM3, but I can ONLY seem to record audio.
The manual is NOT clear about this, and I have seen almost every YouTube tutorial in existence, with no luck.
Is this feature request? Or am I just an idiot?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Hi @burnalot

    We already know it's possible for AUv3's to send midi notes and CC data (see Rozeta), but most developers haven't implemented this in their plugins as AUv3 midi is still very new and not universally supported in DAWs,

    In the near future we are expecting many new MIDI-focused AUv3s, and also for more and more existing plugins to be updated so that their built-in keyboards, ribbons, drum pads, sequences, arpeggios (etc) can also generate midi data for the host - but this is also causing a number of new issues for the DAWs themselves, as they now need to rethink how they allow the user to route all these additional midi sources. Also, as you suggest above, there is the questions about how you mute the plugin's audio but keep the midi it generates.

    For now, the majority of AUv3 plugins are either 100% audio (most of them) or 100% midi (eg Rozeta)

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    By the way... If you want to explain a bit more about what plugins you are using, and why you want to capture the plugin midi, we might be able to offer a clever workaround for you...

    oh, and welcome to the forums :) please consider posting in this other thread to say hi to everyone and tell us where in the world you are

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    If a AU MIDI is being used in a chain, the MIDI is recorded, if MIDI is being sent from a pattern, audio is recorded.

    I have not tried setting up a second track with the audio ouput routed from a synth/Sampler being triggered by an AU MIDI, but i suspect that will record MIDI to the first track and audio to the second audio routed track ;)

  • It is possible with some but not all AUv3's allow you to record MIDI from their user interfaces. Which AU's are you using?

  • Wow. Thanks guys for the enlightening responses. I am no stranger to audio production, but I am pretty new with the iOS platform and the iPad. I just assumed that “of course” all softsynths would be able to record MIDI into BM3. I have seen people sampling the AU instrument onto pads, and that is a work around indeed, and also I have considered exporting .mid files from Auria which is my iOS DAW of choice. I don’t like dealing with MIDI in Auria though, it’s really finicky. Hopefully it’s much easier in BM3 to move MIDI notes around in the timeline? Going to try that out today. Thanks again for your responses.

  • @burnalot Something tells me you're talking about recording automation (recording the movement of knobs from the GUI of the plugin)? Am I correct? In that case most AU plugins actually do support that already... you just have to enable it in BM3 first.

    It's the "A. OFF" button at the top of the screen.

    If I'm mistaken please ignore this post :)

  • Thanks @brambos

    I didn't consider @burnalot might have been referring to AUv3 automation. In which case this is pretty well supported in all plugins, and can usually be mapped to external midi controllers too. The trickiest thing with recording automation is controlling where the data is stored - it can either go in the pattern or on the timeline.

    The best advice for starting out is to enable Automation record (using the A. OFF dropdown as @brambos suggests) then put your chosen pattern in loop-record using the pattern helper (unless you want the automation recorded to the timeline)

    There is a video by @ronji that shows this better than I can explain it. I'll try to find it and post here.

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