Performance pads X/Y

Would be nice if we could modulate parameters by where we touch the pads, both in X and Y direction, and not only for velocity. Add Pads X and Pads Y as possible destinations in the modulation menu when double-tapping an Editor parameter?

Btw, the current Pads Y velocity sensitivity is quite hidden for new users! It took me a long time before I saw that small cog wheel, and I don't think it's mentioned in the manual.


  • Hey @bleep!

    Right now you could do that by assigning your two axis to two different macro's.


  • Sure! But for a fast beat tapping performance, that would require more fingers and careful coordination:)

    The idea/need came when I saw that ultimate breakbeat chopping guide posted in the current jungle competition. The guy was getting random hits from a single pad for variation - can be done now using multiple layers in thin velocity bands (having found that feature!). He was also using midi effects to randomly tune a bass pad to create a bassline. Here I was thinking it would be nice to assign semitone tuning to Pad X and play the variations like that (better yet if that tuning knob could be constrained to within scale). Likewise, if forward/backward could be determined by Pad X position, etc. Would be sweet for fast performances.

    Dreaming further regarding those nice pads; if you could track finger touch movement and record this as Poly aftertouch, which would then be picked up by Animoog and such ...

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