editing midi in duplicated patterns

So I have a song in which I duplicated many patterns. I want to edit the midi to change up some of the duplicate patterns. It seems if I edit the midi in a pattern that has been duplicated, it changes all the other patterns too.
Besides creating new patterns and copy and pasting midi, is there an easier way to do this?


  • Patterns can either be repeated or duplicated

    Repeats always have the same pattern name, and are always 'linked'. If you modify a pattern that appears more than once in a track, all of the instances update.

    Duplicates create a new pattern (with new name) and are NOT linked.


    1. I create a 1-bar pattern ('Pattern 1')
    2. I repeat this pattern 2 times so I have 3 copies of pattern 1 in a row.
    3. Next I create a duplicate of pattern 1 ('Pattern 2') to use as the 4th bar in my 4-bar loop
    4. If I edit pattern 1, it will affect the first 3 patterns, but not the duplicated 'Pattern 2'
  • @antkn33
    A "Make unique" command has been feature requested previously, that would be a nice addition.

  • Well, I'll have to keep track of what I do so I can be sure. But I am pretty sure I duplicated the patterns.

  • Patterns with the same name are linked.

    If the names are different, they aren't linked

  • ok that helps a little. Ill look out for that. Thanks!

  • It might also help to mention that it’s not technically the name that matters, but the pattern ID#. These numbers show in color at far left of the track helper, and they’re always the first part of the little title bar in the song timeline. Technically you can rename all the patterns to the same name, but you can’t change the ID#. The closest thing you can get to changing the ID# is duplicating and deleting the patterns until you’ve effectively shuffled the pattern content around.

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