Change pattern colour

Hopefully this isn’t a duplication, I did search but couldn’t find anything.

It would be really good if you could change the colours of individual patterns. I know you can do banks and pads, so any chance of getting this for patterns?

When working in the song sequencer it would make it easier to see which pattern is which at a glance.

(If this is already a feature, I’ve missed how to do this... please someone tell me)


  • edited March 2018

    Not possible as far as I know.
    I agree it would be nice to be able to distinguish patterns at a glance.
    For now the pattern number seems to serve the purpouse well enough, though :)

  • Yeah agreed this is a nice to have... the numbers and renaming patterns does the job for now.
    when you have a lot of edits it gets a bit harder to read though :smile:

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