Resample 'pre/post' fx in AU keys view.

There's no need for the 'threshold - db' to be down there in the au keys resampler. Threshold is easily adjusted visually using the meter. Instead that ui space could be used for a 'pre/post' fx toggle so you can resample to pad with fx.

Tbh I thought I could do this already but doesn't seem to be the case and the workaround of resampling from master output to an audio track and then juggling the file around BM3 to get it on to a pad isnt very appealing. Too slow and long winded if you're having to repeat the process to create an entire bank.

Also would love to see the AU keys view resampler added to the Sample keys view. Feels like it should be there, considering the same icon is used to reach both views...


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    Is there another workaround people are using that's quicker than the one I described?

    Just that coming from sp404/Sp555, op1, Microsampler, octatrack etc where resampling always includes the fx if they're active, this came as a bummer to find BM3 resamples 'dry' and requires a bunch of extra steps to accomplish the same thing that only takes seconds on those other samplers. Hoping there's a fast workaround or that an update can iron it out.


  • I definitely resampled one pad to another in a bank, and the resampled pad included the fx from the original pad. I also just definitely successfully resampled Zeeon on bank B1 pad 1 with a delay and reverb fx on pad 1 onto pad 2, and pad 2 includes the delay and reverb. I just tried the same exact thing after deleting the pad fx from pad 1 and added the same exact fx to the bank fx, resampled to pad 3. Pad 3 was resampled dry. This is kinda odd, but I can kinda see that if I'm resampling to a bank that has bank fx, I might want to keep using the bank fx on the other pads, and not have the fx baked into the resample.

  • Here's a vid in case any of that was confusing to anyone trying to deal with this little quirk.

    So if you want to use the basic resampling tools to bake in the fx without using the master out workaround, you need to make sure your fx are on the pad and not the bank. I haven't tried sampling from a different bank onto a pad, though, which might include the source bank's fx to the destination pad, but I don't think that's possible using the AU keys view anyway.

    All that said, perhaps fx resampling toggles would be a good addition to the resampling tools. =) Wet/Dry, with wet breaking out to specify bank fx and/or pad fx.

  • Thanks @ronji! Thought I was going crazy thinking I'd done this before and it worked for fx. Relieved to see its possible and just user error.

    Yeah I was pulling sounds from old banks I'd made that had fx on bank instead of pad. So that explains why it wasn't working. That bank in particular was one of my first in BM3 and I was in habit of throwing fx on bank instead of pad then. Shouldn't be a problem on most other banks/pads though or in future, now I'm aware of the quirk.

    Agreed, can see it making sense in various situations to resample without bank fx. But yeah, a pre/post toggle added at some point wouldn't hurt..

    Thanks dude :)

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    The way I do it: I put (only) the sound I want to resample in a pattern, go to the pad I want to record the sound on (doesn’t matter which bank it’s on), go to the sampler en choose the bank with the sound I want to record as source. Seems to do the job...

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    @Heyez Seeing your post in the other thread, I see this might not solve the problem in your workflow. Might be a work around for those older banks, though...

    And now that I’m looking at it anyway, wouldn’t it be nice if you could also record to a pad while using samples? The option seems to be available only when using AU.

  • @denx said:
    And now that I’m looking at it anyway, wouldn’t it be nice if you could also record to a pad while using samples? The option seems to be available only when using AU.

    You can do this with samples, but the record window takes over the screen so you need to play the pad with an external controller or have a pattern set to play the pad you want to resample.

  • @ronji Ah, of course. I don’t use one, though, so it might be nice to have the option in the ui 😊

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