Can't delete samples

edited March 2018 in Support

In the session sample folder - edit, i choose samples to delete and it ask me Delete two items, i choose ok, but the samples are still there
I have the latest version. (and i tried to rescan the database after and no change)

Thanks !


  • Are you trying to delete them while the session is open? I believe I've seen bm3 silently block me from deleting samples that are currently in use, but I was able to delete them once I either unloaded the pad or bank that had the sample, or by starting a new session and then deleting them. Not sure if that's what you're running into or if it's something else.

  • Ok thanks ronji ! and yes, i had to start a new session and i was able to delete them :)


  • Hey guys, @ronji is correct -- If samples are in use, the iOS filesystem will only remove them if there are not opened anywhere else.


  • It won’t let me delete until I quit the app and open a new session. Just opening a new session doesn’t work

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