Ableton Link Drift

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If I run any drum app with Ableton link enabled they stay locked solid indefinitely. When I start Beatmaker (with Ableton link) it drifts out of time over several bars. The tempo also sometimes reads 0.02 less than the real tempo.

Anyone else having this problem?

The issue is in the bug list as unconfirmed but I can't use Breatmaker yet, despite having it for 4 months! Potentially (for me anyway), every loop is slightly out of time.

NB Same problem if the rhythm app (eg iMaschine) is loaded within Beatmaker.

I'd love if a few ppl would try this and report the findings - leave it running for 3 minutes.

iPad Pro 10.5' - iOS 11.2.6



  • Hi @mixbay!

    This is a know issue and we will address this bug in an upcoming update.

    Stay tuned!

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    Thanks Mathieu - good to know....really looking forward to integrating it into my awesome iPad "studio"'s the missing link.

    Been experimenting today:

    Export is rock solid -- 120BPM is exactly 120.which is great

    LINK won't stay in sync

    In BM playing in free-run, the tempo has to be set to around 119.95 to 119.96BPM to stay more in sync to LINK @120BPM (can't get to 1000th of a BPM to find out exactly)

    This means if the tempo set at 120 BeatMaker it's really running at around 120.05 BPM under Ableton link control - SO It's impossible to run a whole song with every other app in sync unless everything is recorded back into BM, which is a very boring way to work.

    However, the tempo is OK when the file is exported

    Also, (which is odd) - if you use LINK and re-record a beat (from BM) in through the mic, it's locked in time!

    Great guys must keep very busy :-)

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